CS179I: Project in Computer Science (Networks)

UC Riverside, CS 179I, Spring 24

Course Description

Get your hands dirty and work on a networking-related project! This course will cover the planning, design, implementation, testing, and documentation of a network-related prototype. We will incorporate techniques from previous related courses, while offering insights into advanced networking knowledge. This course also emphasizes professional and ethical responsibilities; the need to stay current on technology; security and privacy; and its global impact on economics, society, and the environment. See "syllabus" for more details.


Lecture: Mondays 5:00-5:50 PM
Winston Chung Hall 142

Lab: Tuesdays 7:00-9:50 PM
Alfred M. Boyce Hall 1471

Zhaowei Tan
Email: ztan at ucr dot edu
Office: Winston Chung Hall 357 (Inside the CSE Admin Suite @ Winston Chung Hall 351)
Office hours: Thursdays 11AM-1PM

Teaching Assistant
Sixu Tan
Email: sixu.tan at email dot ucr dot edu
Office: Winston Chung Hall 363
Office hours: Fridays 3-5PM

Syllabus (Tentative)

Week Date Lecture Date Lab Comments
1 4/1 Logistics + Overview 4/2 Introduction to Socket Programming Project 1 Released by Sunday
2 4/8 Review on Computer Networks: TCP 4/9 Introduction to Project 1 Project 2 Released by Sunday
3 4/15 Continue Review on Computer Networks 4/16 Continue on Project 1 (TA will be out for conference) Project 1 Due This Friday
4 4/22 Wireless Networks 4/23 Introduction to Project 2 Final Project Spec and Sample Projects Released by Sunday
5 4/29 Advanced Topics in Computer Networks 4/30 Continue on Project 2 Project 2 Due This Friday
6 5/6 Introducing Final Project 5/7 Working on Final Project Proposal Project Proposal Due This Friday
7 5/13 Go Over the Proposal with Zhaowei 5/14 Working on Final Project
8 5/20 Quick Progress Check 5/21 Continue Working on Your Final Project
9 5/27 [Holiday] 5/28 Continue Working on Your Final Project and Tips on Presentation
10 6/3 Project Presentation 6/4 Check Final Project; Work on Final Report Final Project Report Due This Sunday

Final Project

Accept the challenge on your own! You will work on a networking project that tailors to your own interest and background. Present your results to your class.
The following table summarizes all the milestones for the project.
Milestone Deadline^ Description Grade (%)
Spec Released Week 4 Sunday The instructor will provide a document with the details about the final project; some sample projects will be provided
Project Proposal* Week 6 Friday Think about the final project you will work on; write a one-page proposal by the deadline. Feel free to discuss the ideas any time (even after the deadline) 10
Project Finalization Week 7 Monday in Class The instructor will go over the proposal and finalize the final project for each student; the expectations will be clarified
Project Presentation Week 10 Monday in Class Show the class what you've done! 20
Project Demo Week 10 Tuesday in Lab Explain the code you wrote and present a demo to TA 10
Final Report* Week 10 Sunday Submit a well-formatted report on your project 20
* Template will be provided.
^ If not in class/Lab, the due time is 11:55 PM on each deadline day.
Late Policy: You have 5 (Five) slip days in total. Notify the TA if you intend to use them on a milestone before its deadline.