Note to Perspective PhD Students


04/15/2024: My PhD recruitment for Fall 24 has concluded. I might have openings for Fall 25. I will update this page around Oct. 2024.

If you are seriously considering working with me, please read the notes below before contacting me.

Q: Do you have any openings this year?

I'm always open to recruiting new students who aim at academic excellence. We have multiple exciting projects on networking and systems, including, but not limited to, 5G/IoT networking and systems for their reliability, security, and emerging applications. You should check my recent publications to see if you feel interested and comfortable working on them.

Q: Glad to know that you are looking for new students. Am I qualified though?

You are expected to have a solid background in networking and/or system. Any of the following would be a strong indication:

Q: It seems that I'm qualified, but why should I work with you?

Here are several things that might appeal to you.

Q: Everything sounds great, but would I go broke before I earn my degree?

Don't worry! The position would be fully funded. You will be supported by the department fellowship in your first year. The years to follow will be covered by the department through teaching assistantship or by me through graduate student researcher. You basically don't pay anything, while earning a monthly stipend.

Q: I'm convinced. How could I join?

To be officially considered, please follow the application procedure of either UCR CSE or ECE. You shall mention my name in the online application system. I will reach out to you if I find your background a fit. You could certainly contact me before that, although I cannot make any promise or decision until seeing your formal application. To do so,

Note to Perspective MS/Undergrad Students

I would be happy to mentor UCR master's projects. Feel free to drop me an email.
I also have various unpaid (funding might be available during summer) research projects for Master's and undergraduate students. If you are interested, please follow the instructions below

Note to Perspective PostDoc

Unfortunately, I currently don't have any funding for PostDoc scholars. If you are already supported by an external fellowship, drop me an email with subject [Prospective PostDoc] and we could talk.