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CellDAM: User-Space, Rootless Detection and Mitigation for 5G Data Plane

Zhaowei Tan, Jinghao Zhao, Boyan Ding, Songwu Lu
NSDI '23
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Sign-to-911: Enabling 911 Service for Sign Language Users on Assistive AR Glasses

Yunqi Guo, Jinghao Zhao, Boyan Ding, Congkai Tan, Weichong Lin, Zhaowei Tan, Hongzhe Du, Jennifer Miyaki, Songwu Lu.
MobiCom '23

CA++: Enhancing Carrier Aggregation Beyond 5G

Qianru Li, Zhehui Zhang, Yanbing Liu, Zhaowei Tan, Chunyi Peng, Songwu Lu
MobiCom '23
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SEED: A SIM-Based Solution to 5G Failures

Jinghao Zhao, Zhaowei Tan, Yifei Xu, Zhehui Zhang, Songwu Lu
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Uncovering Insecure Designs of Cellular Emergency Services (911)

Yiwen Hu, Min-Yue Chen, Guan-Hua Tu, Chi-Yu Li, Sihan Wang, Jingwen Shi, Tian Xie, Xiao Li, Chunyi Peng, Zhaowei Tan, Songwu Lu

(Best Community Paper Award Runner-Up)

MobiCom '22

Device-Based LTE Latency Reduction at the Application Layer

Zhaowei Tan, Jinghao Zhao, Yuanjie Li, Yifei Xu, Songwu Lu
NSDI '21
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Data-Plane Signaling in Cellular IoT: Attacks and Defense

Zhaowei Tan, Boyan Ding, Jinghao Zhao, Yunqi Guo, Songwu Lu
MobiCom '21
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SecureSIM: Rethinking Authentication and Access Control for SIM/eSIM

Jinghao Zhao, Boyan Ding, Yunqi Guo, Zhaowei Tan, Songwu Lu
MobiCom '21
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Experience: A Five-Year Retrospective of MobileInsight

Yuanjie Li, Chunyi Peng, Zhehui Zhang, Zhaowei Tan, Haotian Deng, Jinghao Zhao, Qianru Li, Yunqi Guo, Kai Liang, Boyan Ding, Hewu Li, Songwu Lu
MobiCom '21
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Device-Centric Detection and Mitigation of Diameter Signaling Attacks against Mobile Core

Zhaowei Tan, Boyan Ding, Zhehui Zhang, Qianru Li, Yunqi Guo, Songwu Lu
CNS '21
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A Model Obfuscation Approach to IoT Security

Yunqi Guo*, Zhaowei Tan*, Kaiyuan Chen, Songwu Lu, Ying Nian Wu
(Co-First Authors)
CNS '21

Zeus: Locality-aware Distributed Transactions

Antonios Katsarakis, Yijun Ma, Zhaowei Tan, Andrew Bainbridge, Matthew Balkwill, Aleksandar Dragojevic, Boris Grot, Bozidar Radunovic, Yongguang Zhang
Eurosys '21
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Towards Model-Centric Security for IoT Systems

Yunqi Guo, Zhaowei Tan, Songwu Lu
ICCCN '20 (Invited paper)

Supporting Mobile VR in LTE Networks: How Close Are We?

Zhaowei Tan, Yuanjie Li, Qianru Li, Zhehui Zhang, Zhehan Li, Songwu Lu
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A Machine Learning Based Approach to Mobile Network Analysis

Zengwen Yuan, Yuanjie Li, Chunyi Peng, Songwu Lu, Haotian Deng, Zhaowei Tan, Taqi Raza
ICCCN '18 (Invited paper)

D2Tree: A Distributed Double-Layer Namespace Tree Partition Scheme for Metadata Management in Large-Scale Storage Systems

Xinjian Luo, Xiaofeng Gao, Zhaowei Tan, Jiaxi Liu, Xiaochun Yang, Guihai Chen

The Tick Programmable Low-Latency SDR System

Haoyang Wu, Tao Wang, Zengwen Yuan, Chunyi Peng, Zhiwei Li, Zhaowei Tan, Boyan Ding, Xiaoguang Li, Yuanjie Li, Jun Liu, Songwu Lu
Mobicom '17

(Best Community Paper Awards)

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Towards Automated Intelligence in 5G Systems

Haotian Deng, Qianru Li, Yuanjie Li, Songwu Lu, Chunyi Peng, Taqi Raza, Zhaowei Tan, Zengwen Yuan, Zhehui Zhang (In alphabetical order)
ICCCN '17 (Invited Paper)

STH-Bass: A Spatial-Temporal Heterogeneous Bass Model to Predict Single-Tweet Popularity

Yan Yan, Zhaowei Tan, Xiaofeng Gao, Shaojie Tang and Guihai Chen


LDRP: Device-Centric Latency Diagnostic and Reduction for Cellular Networks without Root

Zhaowei Tan, Jinghao Zhao, Yuanjie Li, Yifei Xu, Yunqi Guo, Songwu Lu
IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing (TMC)

LTE NFV Rollback Recovery

Muhammad Taqi Raza, Zhaowei Tan, Ali Tufail, Fatima Muhammad Anwar
IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management (TNSM)

Breaking Cellular IoT with Forged Data-Plane Signaling: Attacks and Countermeasure

Zhaowei Tan, Boyan Ding, Jinghao Zhao, Yunqi Guo, Songwu Lu
ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks (TOSN)

Supporting Mobile VR in LTE Networks: How Close Are We?

Zhaowei Tan, Yuanjie Li, Qianru Li, Zhehui Zhang, Zhehan Li, Songwu Lu
ACM The PACM Series on Measurement and Analysis of Computing Systems (POMACS)

Workshops, Posters, and Technical Reports

Demo: Sonica: An Open-Source NB-IoT Prototyping Platform

Boyan Ding, Jinghao Zhao, Zhaowei Tan, Songwu Lu
Mobicom '21 (Demo)

rVNF: Reliable, scalable and performant cellular VNFs in the cloud

Antonios Katsarakis, Zhaowei Tan, Matthew Balkwill, Bozidar Radunovi, Andrew Bainbridge, Aleksandar Dragojevic, Boris Grot, Yongguang Zhang

AceMap: A Novel Approach towards Displaying Relationship among Academic Literatures

Zhaowei Tan, Changfeng Liu, Yuning Mao, Jiaming Shen, Yunqi Guo and Xinbing Wang
International World Wide Web Conferences (WWW), Workshop on Big Scholarly Data: Towards the Web of Scholars, Montreal, Canada.
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Modeling Topic-level Academic Influence in Scientific Literatures

Jiaming Shen, Zhenyu Song, Shitao Li, Zhaowei Tan, Yuying Mao, Luoyi Fu, Li Song and Xinbing Wang
AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), Workshop on Scholarly Big Data, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
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