CS204: Advanced Computer Networks

UC Riverside, CS 204, Fall 23

Course Description

Covers advanced topics in computer networks, include MPTCP, IPv6, HTTP/3, 5G, Satellite networks, and more. See "syllabus" for more details. The course also offers project assignment that allows you to develop system building skills.


Lecture: MW 6:30-7:50 PM
Winston Chung Hall 138

Zhaowei Tan
Email: ztan at ucr dot edu
Office: Winston Chung Hall 357 (Inside the CSE Admin Suite)
Office hours: Tuesdays 9-11AM

Teaching Assistant
Yunshu Wang
Email: yunshu.wang at email dot ucr dot edu
Office: Multidisciplinary Research Building, 3rd Floor Lounge
Office hours: Fridays 11AM-1PM

Syllabus (Tentative)

Week Day Date Topic
1 Mon 10/2 Logistics + Overview [Slides]
Wed 10/4 Principles for Networking Design [Slides][Paper]
2 Mon 10/9 Application Layer - HTTP [Slides][Paper1][Paper2]
Wed 10/11 Application Layer - P2P [Slides][Paper]
3 Mon 10/16 Transport Layer - MPTCP [Slides][Paper1][Paper2]
Wed 10/18 Transport Layer - TCP Cubic [Slides][Paper]
4 Mon 10/23 Paper Presentation -
Video Streaming, More MPTCP, etc.
Wed 10/25
5 Mon 10/30 Network Layer - IPv6 [Slides][Paper]
Wed 11/1 Network Layer - BGP [Slides][Paper]
6 Mon 11/6 Link Layer - WiFi [Slides]
Wed 11/8 Link Layer - 5G [Slides]
7 Mon 11/13 Paper Presentation -
SDN, BGP, Bluetooth, etc.
Wed 11/15
8 Mon 11/20 Emerging Topics: Datacenter Networking [Slides]
Wed 11/22 Emerging Topics: Edge Computing [Slides]
9 Mon 11/27 Paper Presentation -
Satellite, NFV, Backscatter, etc.
Wed 11/29
10 Mon 12/4 Project Presentation
Wed 12/6
11 Monday 12/11 7-10PM, this classroom
One (1) cheatsheet (US letter, both sides) allowed
[Review Guideline][Sample Final]


Form a 2-person group or accept the challenge on your own. You will pick a networking project and present your results to your class.
The following table summarizes all the milestones for the project.
Milestone Deadline^ Description Grade (%)
Project List Released [List] Week 2 Wednesday [Instructor's Task] provide you with the list of available project
Project Selection [Selection Form] Week 2 SundayWeek 3 Wednesday Form your team and submit your project preference, especially if you want to customize your project
Project Assignment [Assignment] Week 3 WednesdayWeek 3 Friday [Instructor's Task] Finalize and notify each team on final project assignment
Proposal* [Requirements & Template] Week 4 FridayWeek 4 Sunday Describe the motivation, goal, methodology, resources, and deliverable of your project 5
Mid-Term Report* [Requirements & Template] Week 7 FridayWeek 7 Sunday Describe the progress, obstacles, and remaining tasks 10
Final Presentation* Week 10 In Class Show us what you've done! 15
Final Report* Week 11 WednesdayWeek 11 Friday Submit a well-formatted report on your project 10
* Template will be provided.
^ The due time is 11:55 PM on each deadline day.


This is an individual task. Pick one paper from a list of related topics and present one to the class. Submit a report as the summary.
The paper list, instructions on presentation, and the template for written report will be later posted.
Milestone Deadline^ Description Grade (%)
List Released (See Canvas) Week 1 Sunday [Instructor's Task] provide you with the list of available papers
Selection [Submit your preference] Week 2 Wednesday Submit your presentation preference
Paper Assignment [Assignment] Week 2 Friday [Instructor's Task] Finalize and notify each person on paper assignment
Presentation [Guide] Your choice Present the work you studied 20
Summary* [Guide] Week 10 Friday Submit the written report 10
* Template will be provided.
^ The due time is 11:55 PM on each deadline day.